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Our "Green" initiatives

Discover our actions and projects to initiate the transition of our Convention Center into the ideal setting for your eco-responsible events.

On our scale

At the ECCL we care about the environment and we advocate for environmentally sound and sustainable practices in our daily operation. Our various environmental and sustainability efforts are important pillars of our business and we strive to create social and environmental benefits for the surrounding community.

We recognise our role in the global meeting & events industry and strive for long-term sustainable management of our activities, thus actively contributing to an overall sustainable development of the industry.

And what about catering?

On the catering side, teams from Sodexo, which holds the “Sou Schmaacht Lëtzebuerg” (local Luxembourg produce) and ISO 14001 labels, offer vegetarian dishes on a daily basis. Customers are informed about the origin and quality of the products. Respecting the seasonal nature of products is one of Sodexo’s core values.

A label soon

Stay tuned and follow us to keep up to date with our progress towards an eco-friendly label…

Your Convention Center has also been a member of IMS Luxembourg since March 2023, and can also help you obtain the Green Business Events label.

For more information, please contact us!

Let’Z Be Green They talk about us

The European Convention Center (ECCL) is committed to taking eco-responsible measures to reduce its environmental impact. In the coming months, the ECCL plans to implement a series of initiatives to improve its sustainability, in line with European environmental standards.